Song – Hoot’s lullaby


Isn’t this precious?

Hoot’s lullaby is written and performed by Lior for an ABC television show called Giggle & Hoot. The song starts about 1 minute into the video.

Here are the words for you, so you can start singing it to your little ones straight away…

“What a day its been, What a magic day, Shhhh can you hear the moon is on its way.
It’s time for all the stars, that sparkle in your eyes, to fly through the night and light up the sky.
What a day its been, laughing with our friends, now that the sun has sunk into its bed.
It’s time for Hoot* to go and watch over you at night, fill your head with sweet dreams under soft moon light.
And soon the smiling sun will rise again… and light the way to a bright new day.”

* You could replace Hoot with the name of your child’s favourite toy.

Also check out the My Best Friend song on YouTube – it’s a joy!



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