Book – Foods with moods



How Are You Peeling: Foods with Moods. Written by S. Freymann & J. Elffers, (1999). Published by  Scholastic Inc., New York.

Foods with Moods has photographs of foods and rhyming text about emotions, for example…

“Wired? Tired? Need a kiss?
Do you know anyone like this?
Do you let your feelings show?
Who do you love? How do they know?
When how you feel is understood,
you have a friend, and that feels good.”


The following week we made our own books using coloured hand-made paper.

The children and their parents cut out pictures of fruit and vegetables from supermarket  advertising material, and drew faces on those pictures, depicting moods that the children experience.

It was a lovely activity. The families got very involved in it. One family depicted the fruit and vegetables displaying behaviours that the family values, such as sharing, playing together, and being kind.

Narelle Smith


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