Book – Mbobo Tree



Mbobo Tree. Written by Glenda Millard, and illustrated by Anne White, (2009).  Scholastic, London.

Glenda Millard is an Australian author.

This book has so much heart, when I first read it I couldn’t speak for a while afterwards. It is WOW!

The story is set in a village in Africa where the villagers live in harmony with the only tree in the village and the wild and domestic creatures who also rely on the tree for sustenance. The themes are of acceptance, belonging, caring, and integration.

It is probably more suited for children aged 4 years and above, as there is a lot of text and the story is quite detailed. At playgroup, prior to reading the story, we talked about all the parts of a tree as these are mentioned in the story. We had made cardboard trees earlier in the morning for craft.

Scholastic has published teachers notes for this book which would be suitable for children in a classroom environment.


Images: tree craft at playgroup

Narelle Smith


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