Book – Mr Archimedes’ Bath



Mr Archimedes’ Bath, written and illustrated by Pamela Allen, 1980. Published by HarperCollins, Sydney.

Before reading Mr Archimedes Bath, I asked the children what they noticed when they had a bath. There were the usual replies about getting cleaner and getting into trouble for splashing. I asked more specific questions about what they noticed about the water level in the bath when they got in and out of the water. No-one was sure, so we read the story to find out what happens.

Mr Archimedes shares his bath with his animals, but he gets frustrated when the water pours out of the tub as each animal gets in. He conducts an experiment to find out who is the culprit.

Not being well educated in the maths and sciences I had no idea of the work of Archimedes until I found this book. He was a genius.

At the end of the story I told the children about the man named Archimedes, who was a brilliant scientist. Parents told me that their children noticed what happened to the water level in the bath that evening.

With older children, you could go on to talk about the displacement of water and bouyancy and the like.

Narelle Smith


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