Book – Where is the green sheep?



Where is the Green Sheep? Written by Mem Fox, and illustrated by Judy Horacek, (2004). Melbourne: Penguin Group.

I think this is one of the best books around at the moment for early literacy. Apart from the genius of Dr Seuss, of course.

The text in the book is very predictable and has a nice tempo. After first reading the book aloud to him, my youngest fella was attempting to read this book on his own although he is openly opposed to learning to read. It was nice to see him enjoying a book so much (he’s more of an action man).

The children at playgroup enjoyed guessing what type of sheep was on each page, for example, thin sheep, wide sheep, swing sheep, slide sheep. The colourful and clear illustrations make it easy for children to guess the sheep.

To tune the children into the text, you could show the children cards with some of the colour words from the book on them, and put them on a word chart. So, for example, when you read the sentence with the word ”red” in it, you could ask the children to point out the word in the book. This could be done in gentle good humour (no testing!).

Narelle Smith


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