Book – Max the Minnow


“The Adventures of Max The Minnow”, written by William Boniface and illustrated by Don Sullivan

This has been a well-loved book at my place. It is a very clever rhyming book, humorous,  and has messages about being yourself and looking after yourself. It also has goggly eyes! The goggly eyes make it difficult to sit neatly on the shelf, but the kids love it. The playgroup children had a lot of fun with it.

At the end of the book is a double page with more realistic illustrations of the sea creatures mentioned in the story and a paragraph of information on each.

The book inspired a lot of art and craft at playgroup.

Lucy and her Mum made buns in the shape of minnows. And Shona and her Mum made star fishes.

Boo made a puffer fish out of clay and straws – all his idea, and he gifted it to Lucy.

Kyra’s mum drew a dolphin, Kyra’s favourite, and she coloured it in.

There was also a star fish made of clay.

When we got a bit more in-depth with our story, we discovered that minnows are freshwater fish but the story is set in the ocean – that’s a bit tricky.

This story generated a lot of discussion about some of the words like “snickered”, and we also talked about the moral of the story – being yourself.

Narelle Smith


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