Book – A monster wrote me a letter



A monster wrote me a letter by Nick Bland

I think this is one of Nick Bland’s best books.

Who would have thought that monsters have feelings, and may be just as scared of us as we are of them?

It’s a great story for children who might be scared of monsters under the bed, in the cupboard, in the bathroom, etc. the rhyming and rhythm of the text is brilliant.

One girl said that she has hundreds of baby monsters under her bed and she tells them to go somewhere else when they start to snore. Although all of the children agreed that Dads snore worse than monsters. We guessed at what monsters eat – frogs, snails, cockroaches, and gross stuff. We had a go at doing a monster’s roar. And we talked about having a chat with the monsters under the bed when we wake up in the middle of the night. One boy said he will chat about trees.

We made monsters for the last week of our story, and it was a huge success. The children were so engrossed in making their monsters that they forgot to go outside to play.

These monsters were made by 3 year old boys who are cousins.

I think Kyra made this monster with the very long antennae.

This monster made by Tayla. Check out those fangs! You can click on the photo to get a bigger view.

And the long hair at the back of Tayla’s monster.

This little monster was made by Nishika.


Front, rear, and top view of Monisha’s monster. Very fancy.


And this is the monster that Boo made. Front, top, and rear view. He remembered that the monster in the story combed his hair with a fork.


This is the result of a busy morning doing craft. Not too bad really, it took only a few minutes to clean up.

The Little Big Book Club has some activities that you can download for this book

Narelle Smith


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