Seasonal songs – Cold



Click to Play – Cluck Cluck, Mother Hen

Written by Zoe McHenry, performed by Fay White

Cluck cluck cluck cluck
Mother hen, mother hen
Call your little chickens now
Because the sun is setting
And the grass is wet with dew
Cluck cluck mother hen
Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck
Mother hen, mother hen
Tuck them underneath your wings
And keep them warm till morning
When the sun will shine again
Cluck, cluck mother hen
This song has been placed here with the very kind permission of Fay White. Fay is an Australian singer and songwriter who has recorded the songs of Zoe McHenry on an album called “Did you See the Wind Today?”. Zoe McHenry was a writer of children’s songs for ABC Radio’s “Kindergarten of the Air” programme in the 1950’s. They are beautiful and I am grateful to Fay for rekindling these songs. Fay’s album is my hands down favourite album of songs for young children

It’s difficult to find a song which relates to our experience of Winter. Most songs come from the Northern hemisphere where Winter is at Christmas time and  the snow falls.

The Mama Lisa‘s website has come to the rescue though. I found a little piece of Australian history via an American website!  Why have these songs been lost to us? Just like Zoe McHenry’s songs from the preschool of the air programme in the 1950’s they are not widely known to the general public.

Little ‘poss, pretty ‘poss, much I want to know,
When the weather’s wet and cold, where do ‘possums go?
Hey, ‘possum’ ho, ‘possum, tell me, tell me true,
When the pleasant summer’s gone, what do ‘possums do?
I’ve a nest, little girl, in a hollow tree,
And I wear a winter coat, snug as snug can be.
Warm there, dry there, sleeping safe and sound,
I put my nose between my toes and curl my tail around.
Little ‘poss, pretty ‘poss, I should like to see
What you have for dinner when you’re living in a tree.
Hey, ‘possum; ho, possum, tell me what you eat,
Shall I give you bread and jam, or would you like some meat?
Little boy, little boy, if I say with you,
I must have green leaves to eat, and bread and biscuit too.
Green leaves, gum leaves, they’re the food for me;
But I’d rather scamper off and eat them from the tree.
Little ‘poss, pretty ‘poss, though the trees are tall,
You can jump from limb to limb and never, never fall.
Hey ‘possum; ho, ‘possum, tell me, tell me true,
When the branches sway about, what do ‘possums do?
Little boy, see my claws, they’re sharp and strong;
I can stick them in the bark as I run along.
Fine claws, good claws, and if they should fail,
I can spring from bough to bough and hold on by my tail.
It is sung to the tune of Nellie Bly…
The sheet music can be found here Oh what a treasure! This is a link to a book held by the National Library of Australia called Australian Songs for Australian Children written in 1902 by Maybanke Anderson. The whole book can be viewed and printed!


well, not a song but a poem …Author unknown

The day is cloudy and the wind is bold.
Dress up warmly, you mustn’t get cold!
Put on your coat and zip it up tight, put on your left boot, put on your right.
Put on your scarf and put on your hat, put on your mittens and clap-clap-clap!
Go outside and play and play.
Come in again, and then we’ll say-
Take off your coat that was zipped up tight, take off your left boot, take off your right.
Take off your scarf, take off your hat, take off your mittens, and then take a nap!
Narelle Smith

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