Book – We’re going on a bear hunt



We’re going on a bear hunt, retold by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury

I would be willing to bet that every playgroup ever has read this story. You all know it so well, you could tell your own version of it.

Telling this story over several weeks inspired much bear themed art and craft.

Monisha made a teddy bear. I asked if she made a bear because we are reading “We’re going on a bear hunt” and she said that she just felt like making a bear. The body is made from straws.

One little fella said he would rather go on a blueberry hunt rather than a bear hunt. I had to agree, especially if the blueberries were as big as bears.

I love the interactive text reading we do at story time, it generates so much reflection and discussion from the children. And you find out how much the children know. All of the children said they would not cross a deep cold river because it was too dangerous.

We had a great time acting out the story. I liked going through the swirly whirly snow storm the best. What did you like the best? Running away from the bear?



Here is a video of Michael Rosen performing the story…



Narelle Smith


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