Book – It’s the Bear



“It’s the Bear” by Jez Alborough

It’s The Bear is the sequel to Eddy and the Bear.

We read this story in three sessions at playgroup. Gee this is a good story and the children loved it. It generated so much conversation and good humour and the introduction of new words.

We had a discussion about what we do at a picnic and the food we take for a picnic.

We talked about how it must have felt to be Eddy all alone in the woods with a bear.

We talked about tricky words like “hamper”, “bellowed”, and “clambered”. Boo thought I read the wrong word when I read “whimpered” because he remembered that elsewhere in the story was the word “whispered” – that’s very observant. I also think it shows how interactive text reading tunes children into text. Good books have a wide selection of words to increase children’s vocabulary, and it’s the readers job to point them out and talk about the meaning of those words.

The children acted it out too.

Kyra made a picnic basket during craft. Inside her picnic basket was a plate of food that hse made from a paper plate and collage, and some Parent Line brochures she found in the Orana Room. Kyra’s Mum said the brochures were for the Mum in the story, because she left her child alone in the woods while she went home to get the blueberry pie.


(Dang programme won’t flip the photos again.)

Boo also made a picnic basket from an egg carton, but I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo of it. Boo’s picnic basket didn’t have any food in it and he said it was because the bear had eaten it.

Narelle Smith


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