2013 – Term 1



Welcome back to Orana Playgroup!

It was good to be back amongst the families and children in Kingswood Park. Napier will be working in big school this year, so Kerry (Napier’s wife) will be assisting with playgroup this year. We also have Anj, a student placement for the first two terms of the year. And Angela from the Community Centre up the road will drop in most mornings.

The kids were so excited to have themselves measured on our height chart, to see if they had grown during the school holidays. Some children had grown 1 centimetre.

The kids haven’t lost any of their creativity during the long break…

P1020610  P1020611

Lucy made a spaceship. It had stars on the top, and steps to get to the top.


And this is Ruby’s (1 year old) drawing.




Artist unknown


Lara (20 months)



Our baby Ruby turned 1 year old, and her Mum made a magnificent cake to share with the adults, and cupcakes for the children. So yum!

Ruby is so close to walking. I told her that she’s not allowed to take her first steps at playgroup, because she should take her first steps at home with both of her parents watching!


Welcome to David and his family. David’s aunty went to Kindergarten this year, and used to come to playgroup sometimes.

This is David’s artwork …


This is Boo’s dad. Boo used pipe cleaners to make dad’s curly hair, and cotton balls for his eyes.







We were inundated with new families with 1 year-olds this term.

This is good! Because if they all keep coming to playgroup, we get to see them grow up! I’m now seeing another generation of kids coming to playgroup – one young mum used to bring her younger brothers and sisters to playgroup and now she is bringing her own child. So good to see you all.

Please remember to slip on your hat and slop on some suncreen before you come to playgroup. Or is that slap on your hat and slip on your sunscreen? NO – we don’t want to slip on sunscreen. Anyway, if you forget, we have some sunscreen at playgroup, and some spare hats. But if you are fussy about wearing the latest trend in hat fashion then bring your own.


Tayla loves to do the washing up. Thanks Tayla!



During Circle Time we sang a song about spoons, and we had a go at making noise with plastic spoons. Some kids came up with different ways to do this. Here’s the words to the song…

Spoons like to have some fun.
They spend their lives just shovelling custard
Down into someone’s gob
That’s what they do all day.
But in the night
They just forget about those guzzling guts
And jump out the kitchen drawer 
and off they go and play.
But night time’s a magic time
When spoons get all their wishes
They go to foodless parties
And run away with dishes
Cause, spoons like to have some fun
Forget about those guzzling guts
And jump out the kitchen drawer
And off they go to play.


At the end of Circle Time, Lucy led us into a special Ring a Rosie dance that she had choreographed. Lucy loves to dance.

I ran into Monisha’s mum at the shops. Monisha is very happy to be going to kindergarten now, she fits right in, as we knew she would. She does miss playgroup though! We miss Monisha and all of our kids who went off to Kindergarten and preschool this year.

I’ve only got two kids now who remind me what’s the next thing to do at playgroup and how to do it, and they’ll be heading off to school next year. We’d better train those one-year olds quick as a wink! Or is it slowly, slowly?

Another new family came along. Keira is one year old and came along with her grandparents. She was very calm and confident, and she looked like she’s been coming to playgroup all her life. Welcome Keira.


Artist unknown, I suspect it is Ruby.


I could look at art like this all day. Don’t you just love these first drawings of people?

P1000223 P1000222

This is the house that Boo made. Complete with lattice windows.


Keira’s first painting at playgroup. Not her last I’m sure.


Artist unknown


Artist unknown


I was away for two weeks doing Circle of Security training. Many thanks to Anj and Cathy for running playgroup whilst I was away.


Shona, 2 years old, doing the washing up.


The kids love this bike.


Another new family to playgroup. This is Roya’s artwork.


Shona showing off her artwork.



Lilly’s grandma dropped in to give us some beautiful toys, some bead frames, a wooden xylophone, and some puzzles. Lilly is in Year One. Thank you Lilly’s grandma!



Ruby’s mum made a little book and Ruby decorated the front cover.


And Ruby’s mum showed Ruby how to draw a bunny, and added pink felt ears.


One of the mum’s enjoyed doing some Aboriginal designs.

Lots of Easter bags were made…


Classically understated, very elegant.


One with bling.


Reminiscent of Van Gogh’s “Starry Starry Night”.



Shona proudly showing us her “scribble”.



Tayla concentrating very hard on her artwork.


Keira and Tayla


Keira looking to Tayla for inspiration.


Keira is only 1 and she loves to paint.

Some dads and grandads visiting us at playgroup lately. It’s funny, we had Napier with us all year last year, and not a single dad or grandad visited. Napier has moved on to “big school” this year as the Aboriginal Education Officer.

Our preschoolers are forming strong friendships with each other. They enjoy giving each other hugs and showing us what caring friends they are. I asked Anj (our student placement for two terms) “how shiny are these kids?” and she agreed that they are dazzling.

At Circle Time, we enjoyed revisiting some old songs that we haven’t sung for a while, and exploring new ones. One of our old favourites is “I have made a pretty nest” where the children pretend to be little birdies…

I have made a pretty nest
Look inside, look inside
Hungry birdies with their beaks
Open wide, open wide.
See my little birdies grow
Day by day, day by day
Until  they spread their little wings
And then they fly away.

Shona asked “again please?” and so we did.

Lucy wanted to do musical statues at the end of Circle Time. As we don’t have any taped music at our playgroup (I believe in the power of our own voices!) Lucy sang Twinkle Star for us in the sweetest voice. And then Lara (nearly 2) played some music for us on the xylophone that Lilly’s grandma gave us.


P1020803   P1020802

Anj (our student placement for two terms) had fun on the bikes.


The easels are always popular.


At Circle Time we read the Wonky Donkey again. Just because we love it so. Even though all of the children have the Wonkey Donkey book at home, and the CD, and some of them have the plush toy, and one Mum said she got a Wonky Donkey book for each of her children, it’s so much fun when we share it at playgroup. Yee Haw!

We now break for three weeks due to the school holidays. We’ll return on Monday the 6th of May. Have a great school holiday break!



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