Book – “Slowly, Slowly” said the Sloth



Slowly, Slowly, said the Sloth by Eric Carle

Eric Carle is the fella who wrote “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.

This book is wonderfully meditative. Just the thing to read before bed or to slow a child down.

The sloth knows who he is and what he can do.  At the end of the book, the sloth says…

“It is true that I am slow, quiet, and boring. I am lackadaisical, I dawdle, and I dillydally. I am also unflappable, languid, stoic, impassive, sluggish, lethargic, placid, calm, mellow, laid-back, and well slothful! I am relaxed and tranquil, and I like to live in peace, But I am not lazy. That’s just how I am. I like to do things slowly, slowly, slowly.”

Wow! Such a lot of amazing language. Books do this, the very good ones, they include words that the children are not expected to know, they are called “rare words”. And the children don’t have to know them, just hearing them is enough to stretch their experience of words and language.

When we read “Slowly, Slowly, said the Sloth” again, I was so impressed with what the children remembered about the story, especially the descriptive words. Have I told you lately how smart kids are? The story generated some lovely discussion about lots of different animals.

Narelle Smith


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