Song – Advance Australia Fair

A-nang-u-     la    a   tju-ta-la
Australians  all  let us rejoice
Un-par-ri    ying-    i-    la
For we are young and free
Man- ta ngang-ka win’-king-  ku-la
We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil
Ka-   pi      pun-tu tja-ra
Our home is girt by sea
Nan-  ar- ri pun-tu     ngu-rang ka put-urr na kul-in-yi
Our land abounds in nature’s gifts of beauty rich and rare
Ir-id-it-ja a wan’-ka-ra Kut-ju An-ang-u-la.
In history’s page let every stage Advance Australia Fair
Ku-tju-ring-la       a war-ra-la         Ku-tju Australia
In joyful strains then let us sing Advance Australia Fair


Click on this link Kutju Australia to see and hear our National Anthem, Advance Australia Fair, being sung in an Aboriginal language (Luritja) from the Northern Territory. It is sung by Ted Egan and the students at Ntaria School in Hermannsburg, Northern Territory. Aboriginal Language provided by Alison Nararula Anderson MLA.


The Penrith area is in Dharug country, which I believe was inhabited by the Mulgoa people prior to the English settling in Australia. Being Dharug Country, the local Aboriginal language is Dharug. If you would like to know more about Dharug Language go to Artifacts dug up in the Lakes area in Penrith have been dated as being 50,000 years old. That’s a very long time!

There were many different Aboriginal clans throughout Australia. Aboriginal people were not one group of people – they spoke different languages, had different stories, and different beliefs and customs. Each group developed their own way of living and making meaning for their lives dependent upon the Country they were living in.

So, if you read a Dreaming story from Central Australia about the Rainbow Serpent creating the landscape it is important to remember that the story is from the people of that Country. Every Language group has a different creation story, there may be similiar themes but the stories are synonmous with the landscape and the life that it sustained. Unfortunately, much of the Dharug culture and Language and been lost over time, and the Elders are working to try and restore it as best they can and teach it to the young ones. I haven’t found any stories from the Dharug, but the Aboriginal clan in the Blue Mountains, the Gundungurra, believe that a monster fish created the mountains, valleys, and waterways.

Aboriginal people can have fair skin too, and these days we don’t talk about what percentage of Aboriginality a person has. If someone says they have Italian or Scottish heriatge we don’t ask them what percentage they are. So why do we do that to Aboriginal people? Percentages of ‘Aboriginal blood’ go back to the days when Aboriginal children were removed from their families based on how ‘white’ they were.

It is also important to recognise that today, most Aboriginal people live a modern life. Stereotypes of Aboriginal people living a traditional life are inaccurate – they live in houses and get their food from supermarkets like everyone else. . Whilst young Aboriginal people enjoy learning about the customs of their traditional heritage, they also enjoy engaging in making video, doing modern art, and creating rap music.

“Kutju” in Luritja means “go forward”. This Australia Day, 26th January, let us pay our respects to the Traditional Owners and Custodians of this Country and their intrinsic connection to the Land, Waterways, Islands and Communities. Let us think of the ways we can all share our knowledge, listen to one another, create confidence and self-esteem, and form genuine possibilities for a brighter future for our children, our grandchildren and all future generations that walk in our ancestors’ footsteps. (adapted from


Australia Day – January 26


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