Song – I am a fine musician


I brought in some musical instruments, and I was thinking that we could sing the song “I am a music man”. We would of course change the lyrics to “I am a musician” to include both boys and girls. But one of the parents, suggested another song called “I am a fine musician”, and it was a great choice. The children loved playing the instruments.

Here is a great version sung by the characters on Sesame Street…



Here is a photo of one of the instruments we played…

musical instrument


I don’t know what it’s called. It makes a great sound. One of the parents took a photo of this instrument and did some kind of snazzy Google search with the photo. Well, trusty old Google called the instrument a “handbag”, so we sang the “I am a fine musician song” and called this instrument a handbag. If you know what the instrument is called, please let us know, otherwise it is destined to be called a ‘handbag’ for the term of its natural life.

Apart from this ‘handbag’ instrument, we had a triangle, clap sticks, tambourine, finger cymbals, maracas, and chinese drum. My finger cymbals are very sweet, and the sound lasts for quite a long time. One of the children enjoyed listening to how long the sound lasted.



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