Orana Playgroup was at Kingswood Park Public School from 2007 to 2014 as a ‘supported playgroup’ – which means that it was facilitated by a worker, not by parents in the local community. Prior to 2007, there was a playgroup that was run by the parents for many years, and some of the parents who had attended Orana Playgroup used to go to that playgroup when they were children. Some of the grandparents who had attended Orana Playgroup ran that original playgroup.

Narelle Smith facilitated Orana Playgroup from July 2008 to March 2014. For five-and-three-quarter years the families called the Orana Playgroup “Monday, bun day, fun day” because we used to make bread buns for our morning tea. Between 2009 and 2012, Kingswood Park Public School provided a worker to come and help with playgroup. First there was Donna, then Napier, and then Kerry, and they each added their special skills and personality to the tone of the playgroup (thank you!). Kingswood Park Public School supported the playgroup by providing the facilities at no cost.



The Orana Playgroup blog was created in January 2012. It highlighted the activities of our playgroup and showed just how much goodness children get out of coming to playgroup.

However, as the playgroup farewelled many children on to Kindergarten, the number of families attending the playgroup became fewer and fewer. It seemed that families with young children in the area didn’t want to come to playgroup, it became no longer sustainable, and was closed in April 2014.




Some of the most funny, enjoyable, crazy, beautiful, wonderful, amazing, touching, poignant moments at Orana Playgroup over the nearly-six years were those that happened at Circle Time at the end of each playgroup. In that spirit, this blog will continue to highlight songs and stories for children suitable for Circle Time.


Contact Details


Narelle Smith

Phone: 0409 986121

Email:  Narelle@nepeancommunity.org.au


Come and “like” us on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/ParentingInPenrith
Narelle writes about parenting at Hands, Hearts & Minds.
And you can find out about the FREE parenting groups and workshops that Narelle facilitates at  handsheartsminds.wordpress.com/parenting-groups-and-workshops/



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